How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for WinterThe winter is coming, which means two things – it’s socially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and it’s time to prepare your house for weather conditions. You need to dig that shovel from your garage, make sure your doors and windows won’t let cold in and of course winterize your HVAC system.
You are probably good to go with the shovel and windows but with HVAC system, it gets tricky. What do you do? How do you do it? Can you do it or should you hire a professional? All of these are questions that need to be answered and they will be in this article.

Why do you even need to winterize the HVAC system?

Before we start discussing the steps, we need to make sure that you will actually do it. Winterizing the HVAC system requires some time and effort so, it’s very possible that you will skip it. You shouldn’t and here is why:

  • Winterizing increases the lifespan of your HVAC system
  • You will avoid icy and frosted units
  • With proper preparations, you will have a smoothly running HVAC system throughout the whole winter

Step #1 Do Some Cleaning

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for WinterWhether the HVAC system is installed inside or outside, it gets dusty overtime and filled with leaves, snow or water. You can start by cleaning your HVAC system from outside and then proceed to the inside. Clean the air filter and ducts. If you’ve been ignoring your HVAC unit for a long time, then you might even need a heating replacement or air conditioning replacement. Plus, it’s a benefit for you because the cleaner the filter, the cleaner air you will breathe.
Just a small hint, specialists recommend changing the air filters at least once a month or 45 days. It will help you to keep your house warm and your electricity bills low.

Step #2 Time to Unplug the AC

Unless you live in Florida or any other warm state, you don’t need your air conditioning. This is a pure financial tip because keeping it on might result in money loss. Even when you think the AC is off, the machine can still use some energy in the course of winter months. The specialists call it the “phantom load.”

Step #3 Prevent Any Heat Loss that You Can Think of

Winterizing the HVAC system doesn’t only apply certain regulations to the unit so that it keeps you warm and doesn’t lead to huge electricity bills. Let’s just say you need to support your HVAC system. To make sure that the HVAC system works effectively you can seal your ducts with heat-resistant tape, mastic tape for example.
Sealed ducting is a guarantee that the cold air won’t make it inside your territory through vents. You should also pay attention if any cold air comes through your doors or windows. If it does then patch your doors and windows.
See, it is not that difficult and there a big chance you can turn into a chore for one of your family member and enjoy emergency-free winter with low energy bills.

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